Bonds of love and freedom or Bonds of anger, hurt and entanglement

One of the pleasures of the work that I do is exploring and learning about the human psycho -physical condition that is experienced in our bodies as love, happiness and well being or as anger, hurt, and pain. When my work goes well patients experience dramatic shifts from the latter to the former. Often times the key to finding out where the causes behind the symptoms are is by asking about bonds.

You have a bond or multiple bonds with anyone you have ever connected with, spoken to, loved, hated, cared for or hurt. The Huna healers of the Hawaiian islands call these bonds “Aka” or spirit strands. Their philosophy says that Aka is “sticky stuff”. It stretches forever but never breaks. The more time and connection you have with someone the more “sticky stuff” connects you. These connections are conduits for energy transfer from one person to another in the form of memories, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

When bonds are properly connected at the heart, and the heart remains a loving space, we are nourished and strengthened by each others positive thoughts, feelings and intentions. This is the ideal. It is only rarely perfectly achieved. Bonds produced from less than loving interactions attach to other parts of the body and can transfer to us hurtful and painful thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings exist outside of space and time. That means if they happened today or 20 years ago they are still held in the body and can become sources of pain and physical symptoms unless they are consciously encountered and released.

I will tune in to my patients and ask if there is an appropriate bond (appropriate is a loving bond at the heart) between them and significant others including spouses, children, family members, friends and even God. If the answer is “NO”, I next scan over the body using manual muscle testing for my feedback and see where there is a bond or if a bond has not adequately formed. Then I use one of several techniques to release the negative energy of an unhealthy bond and have the patient do a visualization of heart centered loving intention to re-connect the bond from heart to heart.

Sticky stuff, like chewing gum is a mess if it isn’t where it’s supposed to be!

To your health

Doc Kory

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