Dr. Cassee Hayes

Dr. Cassee Hayes hails from Toronto, Canada where she enjoyed many competitive sports and outdoor adventures. She enjoys swimming, diving, softball, ultimate frisbee, and outdoor excursions with her family and friends.


She has been blessed to have a Chiropractor as her primary care physician since she was two years old. The great health she has enjoyed from this inspired her to become the fantastic doctor she is today! Dr. Hayes studied Psychology before getting her doctorate in Chiropractic, which helped her gain a deep personal understanding of the mind-body connection. This assists her in serving patients on many levels, resulting in much better outcomes from their treatments. She specializes in spinal rehabilitation, extremity care, and injury care.


We’re ecstatic to have her on our team and eager to share her artistry and expertise with you! We’re confident that she’ll continue to provide 5-star support for our patients and community, resulting in optimal health and wellness for life!