Emotional Release Therapy

What is emotional release?

Emotional release is a broad category utilizing several techniques of release that may involve visualization, tapping of acupuncture points, myofascial release techniques and administration of flower remedies.


Processing is conducted in a private setting with the aid of one of our Doctors. Your doctor guides you through every step of the process – all you need is a willing mind and heart.


What techniques do you use at Premier Wellness for emotional release?

In emotional processing and release, our doctors use guided imagery, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), Emotion Code, Emotional Operating Systems (EOs), Applied Kinesiology (muscle response testing), homeopathic flower remedies, chakra work, speaking out feelings, guided visualization and meditation techniques.


The usage of these techniques depends on the needs of the body and its guidance.  Everyone is unique and each individual has different methods in which it prefers to release. We use these various techniques to bring each patient to a place of inner healing and instill a strong sense of well being and closure with the issues being addressed.  When this takes place performance increases and dysfunction in the body decreases on every level.


How does it work?

These processes create an opportunity for you to safely revisit past trauma and experiences to release negative emotional frequencies, pain, and toxic conscious and subconscious patterns. After releasing these elements, space is opened for the body to move into a place of forgiveness and healing.


The process can help you identify your negative belief patterns, trapped emotional frequencies and the age when they were created. Beliefs are usually decided upon at an early age. Our perception is colored by the beliefs we hold in our minds. As we grow, we often continue using these belief patterns in our day to day lives, even when they’re not effective.  These belief patterns shape our relationships, thought processes and even the way our bodies respond and deal with stress.


This process can help us make new choices about our belief systems. As we change our perceptions of the past, we alter our perception and experience of the future. We can mature emotionally, be more effective in our communication, and release emotional toxicity that affects the functions of the body.


How can emotional release therapy help me?

After doing emotional release, the body can renew itself, increasing the flow of energy throughout the body and releasing those elements that can cause dysfunction or dis-ease. The ultimate purpose is to remove stress that’s inhibiting the body and mind from healing. Emotional stresses are not just stored in the mind, but they are also stored in the tissues of the body, and can impair function. Releasing stored stress can help individuals improve all areas of life, such as:

  • Relationships/Marriage
  • Parenting
  • Self-Esteem/Self Worth
  • Career Satisfaction
  • Health
  • Financial Matters


Is this considered traditional counseling or therapy?

Emotional processing or release is not traditional counseling or therapy.  Instead, processing is associated with psycho-neuro-immunology and psychosomatic responses. This science focuses on how our thoughts and feelings affect our health and physical performance.


Can you use this technique if you’re in traditional counseling or therapy?

Yes, it can help support and further the work you are doing in traditional therapy.


How many visits are needed?

Improvements are generally seen after one visit. Our typical patient has between 3-5 visits. We recommend patients return every 3 months for preventive care. More complex cases may require additional visits.


How long do the sessions take?

Our personalized wellness assessment is a very comprehensive experience, which includes a thorough review of your history, and a detailed exam, during which your doctor will evaluate if emotional stressors may be tied to your symptoms. You should plan to spend approximately an hour and a half to two hours at our clinic for your first visit.


All of the follow-up exams and treatments take approximately 15 minutes.


If you have multiple areas of concern, such as back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, and digestive issues, you can request a “double” appointment to allow you more time to address your concerns. A “double” takes approximately 30 minutes.


What is the cost of treatment?

Our initial Wellness Assessment exam costs $250 for the service.


Most follow up exams and treatments cost $85 for the service.


More in-depth follow up exams and treatments cost $170 for the service.  You’ll be informed in advance when this may be needed.


Nutritional supplements and laboratory tests purchased at our clinic are separate fees.


Do you accept health insurance?

Payment for our services are due at the time of your visit. Our Doctors are not preferred providers in network with any insurance companies. If your insurance company provides out-of-network chiropractic coverage, we will provide you with documentation to submit to them seeking reimbursement.


Will I see improvement?

Symptoms frequently diminish after the first or second visit. Individual results will vary depending on your overall beginning health, your commitment to becoming your healthiest self, and your immune system strength.


How Do I Get Started?

Schedule your personalized wellness assessment today by calling 801-268-8090.