Home Cooked Meals

Home Cooked Meals

I’m sitting here on a Sunday afternoon watching and assisting my wife in preparing a Sunday dinner for our family and friends. As I look at the foods and preparation methods I think of the patterns and ideas about food that we as a family and we as people have transitioned through. Several generations ago all food was “organic”. Now we go out of our way and pay extra to get this cleaner, more nutritious food.

In spite of it being more expensive I make the effort and recommend it to all of you. You do pay more up front for the food but in the long run you pay less for illness and care of chronic disease. The pesticides and herbicides and other agents added to fruits and vegetables to make them last longer and look prettier on the shelf all contribute to cellular toxicity. These toxins produce hormone disruption and imbalance, insulin resistance(blood sugar problems and diabetes) and autoimmune symptoms. In addition these foods have far less mineral and vitamin content than their organic counterparts.

Think of how much good food you can buy for a few hundreds of dollars a month. Many people spend much more on prescriptions, or thousands of dollars more in eventual medical care for complications from diabetes or other chronic illness.

One last point I would like to make today is that of equal importance to the nutritional quality of your food is the loving energy which with it is prepared combined with the unhurried, thoughtful, loving and shared enjoyment of it with your family.

To your health!

Doc Kory

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