Kalen Nielsen, LAT

Kalen Nielsen is a skilled Licensed Athletic Trainer, and is certified by International Health Technologies in the use of the BioScan Stress Reduction Therapy (SRT) System. She has worked with many diverse groups including the University of Utah football team, Ballet West, and various high school sports teams.


Kalen has come on quite the health journey since joining Premier Wellness. She had a severe neck injury at the age of 15, which put her in bed with an un-ceasing migraine for two years. She went to every specialist, got every test done, and came out with no answers. Eventually, she found a structural chiropractor who helped with the pain, but she had to see him twice a week or the headaches would return. She did that for about 10 years, and was planning on continuing for the rest of her life.


When she started getting treatments at our clinic, she discovered that she had an infection in her small intestine, which was keeping her muscles tight, and preventing her body from healing. Through a major nutritional cleanse (including a sizable weight loss), doing BioScans, and following her Premier Wellness Doctor’s recommendations, she is achieving the freedom she has always desired and is living her dreams! After these marvelous experiences with the BioScan, and it helping her attain her health and wellness goals, Kalen decided to pursue using it as a practitioner, our Health Research Advocate, to give her clients an edge in achieving their health and wellness goals.


When she’s not helping patients, Kalen loves gardening, relaxing outdoors, nature walks with her dog Wheatley, and taking in the scenery of our beautiful land. She also loves to hang out with her husband and snuggle with her 2 fat cats.