What nutritional services do you offer?

Have you ever heard the saying that food is medicine? Here at Premier Wellness, we believe just that. Your daily nutrition is one of the biggest contributors to your overall health and well-being. Sometimes, even with a well-rounded diet, you may be lacking various nutrients. During patient visits, our doctors can evaluate your current nutritional needs, and suggest dietary changes or nutritional supplements in order to support your body.


How does it work?

As a patient at Premier Wellness, your nutritional needs are evaluated during your visits with your doctor. They’ll give you recommendations for dietary changes to help your organ systems function optimally, and offer nutritional supplements to help support you through your healing processes as needed.


How can it help me?

Eating a proper, nutritious diet offers immense benefits to keep you both physically and mentally healthy. Proper nutrition doesn’t mean simply reducing your portions, or following fad diets, but rather eating a balance diet that has all of the nutrients you need for your lifestyle. Good nutrition helps support many of your organ systems, such as your liver, lymphatic system, kidneys, lungs, intestines, blood, and skin, so they function optimally.


How many visits are needed?

Improvements are generally seen after one visit. Our typical patient has between 8-12 visits. We recommend patients return every 3 months for preventive care. More complex cases may require additional visits.


How long do the sessions take?

Our new patient exam is a very comprehensive experience, which includes a thorough review of your history, and a detailed exam, which helps determine nutritional needs. You should plan to spend approximately an hour and a half to two hours at our clinic for your first visit.


All of the follow-up exams and treatments take approximately 15 minutes.


If you have multiple areas of concern, such as back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, and digestive issues, you can request a “double” appointment to allow you more time to address your concerns. A “double” takes approximately 30 minutes.


What is the cost of treatment?

Our initial Wellness Assessment exam costs $250 for the service.


Most follow up exams and treatments cost $85 for the service.


More in-depth follow up exams and treatments cost $170 for the service.  You’ll be informed in advance when this may be needed.


Nutritional supplements and laboratory tests purchased at our clinic are separate fees.


Do you accept health insurance?

Payment for our services are due at the time of your visit. Our Doctors are not preferred providers in network with any insurance companies. If your insurance company provides out-of-network chiropractic coverage, we will provide you with documentation to submit to them seeking reimbursement.


Will I see improvement?

You’ll begin to define your “new normal” with a healthy diet, lifestyle behaviors, and supplements that will support your personalized needs and lifestyle.


Symptoms frequently diminish after the first or second visit. Individual results will vary depending on your overall beginning health, your commitment to becoming your healthiest self, and your immune system strength.


How do I get started?

Schedule your personalized wellness assessment today by calling 801-268-8090.