Secrets for losing weight in women over 40

Secrets for losing weight in women over 40

Eating healthy, exercising daily and still gaining weight?

I see this a lot in my clinic. There is a high percentage of women over 40 who have no energy and can’t seem to lose weight.

Let me tell you about Jane. Before she saw me she was doing a lot of things right. She was very conscientious about her diet. She was avoiding sugar and gluten. She was exercising 5 days a week. She had bloods labs done to measure her female hormones and was taking bio-identical replacements of thyroid, estrogen, dhea and progesterone. She was still steadily gaining weight at over a pound a year. She was very frustrated and didn’t know what else to do.

The problem was that she was doing everything that she could based on the diagnosis she had received from the labs that had been done. What we did was tune in to her body through muscle testing. We could identify her bodies needs that couldn’t be discerned from labs alone. We found that her adrenal glands were over reacting to some of the hormones and foods in her diet and producing excess cortisol. Excess cortisol causes persistent midline weight gain. She was also over reacting to the chemicals (theobromine) in the dark chocolate she was using as an anti oxidant and weight loss formula. We reduced the offending hormones, added a mineral to help her body process theobromine, adjusted her spine and cranial bones to balance the nerve supply to the glands, and added a glandular supplement and an herb formula to quiet down the adrenal glands.

The result? We turned her symptoms around within a month and she began steadily losing weight and had an increase in energy.

This is a beautiful example of bringing the body back into balance by using a wide lens to see all of the factors that are needed to bring balance and then applying just the right correction in the right areas.

The take away for all of you is that you need to do the basics first, This includes regular exercise of at least 20 minutes 4 days a week. Eat a balanced diet that includes a moderate amount of healthy protein, limit the carbohydrates(grains, potatoes, fruits), avoid the junk food and drinks and have plenty of clean water. If you are already doing this and you are like Jane and are still losing energy and gaining weight, what is there to do?

Don’t despair! There is hope!

Here are some of the next steps to take:

  1. Call our office and make an appointment
  2. Get a baseline evaluation of your diet and health. This includes: a diet and exercise history, a muscle testing evaluation of your organ systems and food allergies and where appropriate lab tests done to evaluate your hormone levels. In our office we use a simple take home saliva test to measure the free hormone levels.
  3. Let our doctors then help you determine the best approach for balancing your hormones and health from the many tools available at Premier Wellness.

To your health

Doctor Kory


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